GSM Fixed Wireless Terminal -TWT431G

Send and receive voice calls, Interrogate your voicemail

Name:  GSM Fixed Wireless Terminal -TWT431G
  Model No:  TWT431G

GSM gateway used to connect phone to access GSM network plugging your phone on the device will allow you to:
-send and receive voice calls,
-send and receive SMS*
-Interrogate your voicemail
Make or receive a call is Similar to your fixed line
When your phone is ringing just lift up the handset of the telephone set and speak.
Dial your number, after a timeout (end of dialing timeout default value:4sec)the call Will be launched. To speed up you can press# at the end of the number.
To handle a second call, press r2, to accept, swap between calls.
To join the 2 calls and make a multiparty call, press r3
If voicemail led is blinking, call the 5500 to listen to your messages.
During the call the led will be switched off.
TWT431G supports SMS sending and receiving.*please check your phone manual to check if it supported and usage instructions
Service center configuration:
Number: 0172 227 0333
In order to activate the SMS service you need first to send a SMS to your own number, if failures occur , SMS service will be deactivated. Sending successfully a SMS will reactivate it.

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