A very useful tool for bulk quantity of dialers programming

Name:  Auto dialer programmer-TDP110 
  Model No:  TDP110 

Auto dialer programmer is a very useful tool for the dialer resellers. It is suitable for bulk quantity of dialers programming. It makes programming dialer much easier and more quickly.

Users can pre-store all the parameters into the programmer firstly, similar to set an auto dialer with a keypad telephone set. After that, connect the dialer behind the programmer. What the only thing that users have to do is to pick up the phone and press the button of the programmer, it would program the dialer automatically. The process is very simple, and it is much quicker than input the commands one by one.

There would be a light beep sound after each command, after all commands have been input successfully, there would be a long loud beep sound.If the programming is wrong or there is a mistake, there would be double beep sound.

The programming speed is adjustable.

If some commands should be added or be edited to the programmer, users can just add the exact commands, no need to reset.

Connection is as below:
telephone set–dialer programmer–auto dialer–PSTN line

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