Call selector/ Line Selector/ 2 line phone switch

Call selector, also called Line Selector, 2 line phone switch, allows ONE TELEPHONE DEVICE to be connected to TWO separate telephone lines.

It can reroute some calls to go through one line, and the other calls to go through the other line automatically. People have a PSTN line in use, and they might want to install another VoIP line or GSM/CDMA FWT line as usually the rate of other line is much lower. It can help people choose the most economic call router and save call cost.



•Call select automatically:Users can use one telephone set with two different outgoing lines, and the call would select the line according to the programming automatically.

•Compatible:It can be used for the select between PSTN line and VoIP line, PSTN line and GSM/CDMA FWT, GSM/CDMA FWT and VoIP line, and so on.

•Easy Programming:Call selector can be programmed manually using the keypad of telephone set.

•Call prefix programmable:Users can program which phone numbers go through one line and which numbers go through the other line.

•Busy line prompts available:If there is incoming call from one line when the other line is on talking, users can set the line busy tone.



1. It would take too much space of the desk if adopts 2 telephone sets for the 2 outgoing lines. We can solve the problem by installing a call selector with one single telephone set, and it is convenient to use.

2. People have installed a new lower rate telephone line, but the former line should still be used for incoming calls.

3. Select suitable call router to save call cost, such as call to PSTN through PSTN and call to GSM through GSM network, as the call rate for PSTN to PSTN and GSM to GSM is lower than PSTN to GSM or GSM to PSTN.

4. The company has installed some new lower rate telephone lines, but there are not enough outgoing ports with the PBX. It is more economical to install some call selectors than change a new PBX.



1. Plug default priority line into the selector’s LINE2 port, the other line into the LINE1 port. E.g.: If there are PSTN line and GSM FWT, plug the PSTN line to the LINE2 port, and GSM FWT to the LINE1 port.

2. Connect the selector’s TEL port with your telephone/ fax/ PBX

3. Plug the power adaptor

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