CDMA 800MHz, High quality voice calls, Emergency calls, High-speed data access

Work frequency: CDMA 800MHz
Uplink: 824 ~ 849 800MHz
Downlink: 869-894 MHz
Size: 226X 226 X551mm
Weight: approximately 1.2 kg
Colour: black
Time: 2 hours
Standby time: 18 hours
External interface: RS-232C

Main function
High quality voice calls
Emergency calls
Support calling number display, call
Before turning, tripartite calls
Support DTMF dialing
Reverse polarity / 12KC / 16 KC pricing signal
Can be adjusted by external keyboard voice volume
Support for indoor and outdoor antenna

Key features
Support public telephone
Support for outdoor antenna
RSSI (field) received instructions and power
The high-speed data access: KBPS 153.6 highest

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