Huawei ETS2288

CDMA 800Mhz, LCD display with status indicator, Strong signal, Support R-UIM or ROM-SIM

Frequency: CDMA 800Mhz
Main functions
1.LCD display with status indicator
2.CID(Caller Identification)
3.Display time and date.
4.English LCD and English printing on plastic case.
5.No-Ruim Support, can programming on the phone set
6.Can save 99 received/ 99 Dialed/ 99 Missed call records
7. Alarm Clock function
8. 18 Chord Ring(Music ring tone)
9. Dialing tone has voice reminder
10. Spare battery with long time backup battery
11. Strong signal with high gain Antenna
12.Easy to install and use
13. Support R-UIM or ROM-SIM
14.Can be used as billing phone.

1. Working frequency range: CDMA 800MHz
2. TX frequency: 824.640-848.370MHz
3. Rx frequency: 869.640-893.370MHz
4. Max. output power <0.6W
5. Idle current <30mA
6. Working voltage: DC +5V
7. Working current: 200~350mA
8. RX sensitivity: -104dBm
9. Operating temp.: -2 ℃ ~ +55℃ 
10. Storage temp.: -30 ℃ ~ 60℃
11. Humidity: 0 ~ 95%

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