SIM Dialer/ IP Dialer Introduction

To save the mobile phone bill when you make domestic calls or international calls, we can use traditional IP/VOIP/Call-Back card, but we have to dial a group or even a long list of access numbers, card numbers, and passwords.

Now Ip Dialer/Call-Back SIM Dialer can do above fussy processes for you. These SIM dialer is attached to your original SIM Card and allow you to save bills and easily to use IP/VOIP/Call-Back services without changing the common dialing habits. If you use these SIM dialer, you need not to dial a long list of access numbers any more, you can look up your phone book and dial your family or friends’ number directly, also you are not restricted to use only one IP/VOIP/Call-Back services, you can use many of them!

The latest full-featured cut-free Ip SIM Dialer Pro for GSM and wCDMA mobile phones, is an intelligent, high-tech and wide range compatible products. Its each function can be personalized freely based on customer habitats, the set-up process is very simple, and it is very easy to install. Ip SIM Dialer/Call-Back SIM Dialer is developed for the IP card, direct-dial Card and Call-Back card services, these services are subject to a continuous and fussy dialing or secondary dialing processes, which are not customers friendly. Due to the complicated processes, many users are reluctant to use traditional IP/VOIP/Call-Back services. The IP SIM Dialer/Call-Back SIM Dialer has solved these problems very well. After simple installation and setup, you can easily dial directly from the phone book through IP/VOIP/Call-Back services, No Fussy Processes Any More!

Features of IP SIM Dialer/Call-Back Dialer:

This is a simple VoIP solution for cell phone – mobile VoIP SIM dialer, for VoIP providers (mobile VoIP carrier) and VoIP end users (cell phone users), Unlock SIM Card find a best way for both of them. VoIP providers cost a lowest fee to promote their mobile VoIP service with a best effect, while the cell phone users will enjoy a cheapest mobile charge with this convenient tool!


*  Easy to install. No need to punch or cut your SIM card, just stick to mobile SIM card then insert to mobile SIM slot, power on, It will works.

*  Work with all SIM cards, 1.8V, 3V and 5V SIM card.

*  Better compatibility, compatible with more than 80% mobile phones in current market (such as various SONY Ericsson, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Iphone, Iphone 3G, Blackberry, Samsung, etc.).

*  Could set prefix for particular number to go through or by pass the SIM dialer. — New function!

*  Support three working modes:

*  Call through before connection establish (direct dialing IP/VOIP).

*  Call through wait for connection establish, you can set the time to send the destination number after connection established (multiple dialing IP/VOIP).

*  Mobile call back service (Call-Back Dialing IP/VOIP).

*  Max 3 VOIP access number, free choice of which VoIP service you want.

*  No need to change user’s conventional dialing habit.

* Support dial from the Contacts and Phone book (Directory), no need to memorize and input the numbers.

*  Support dial directly from cell phone’s missed calls / call record / call history / recent calls.

*  Accept customization with LOGO, language, packing, program and any else.

*  Produced by USA MCU and FPC plates, quality is more reliable.

*  Supported Languages: English, Simplified Chinese, or Traditional Chinese (can choose any one), other languages are available as long as costumers need.

*  Supports 30-bit or more IP access number.

*  Support shortcuts for open or close IP/VOIP/Call-Back functions.

*  Various dialing speeds optional, more suitable for your mobile phone.

*  Friendly design, novel method which speeds up the dialing processes.

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