Huawei ETS1001

CID(Caller Identification), Support PC fax/ G3 fax, Support R-UIM or ROM-SIM

High-quality voice effect: 8 kbps EVRC
High speed data transmission with maximum rate 153.6 kbps
Reversed charge signal and pulse charge signal 12KC/16KC
CID(Caller Identification)
Support PC fax/ G3 fax
Support R-UIM or ROM-SIM
SSI Signal Strength Indication
Indoor/Outdoor antenna optional
Battery backup
Support emergency call, call transfer, call forwarding, call waiting, call on hold, Three-Way Calling, etc.
Support dual tone multiple frequency two-stage dialing
Volume adjustable
RS232 interface

Network Type:
CDMA2000 1x 450MHz
International A:
TX: 452.5 MHz ~ 457.5 MHz
RX: 462.5MHz~ 467.5MHz
International C:
TX: 450.0 MHz ~ 454.8 MHz
RX: 460.0MHz~ 464.8MHz


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