Huawei ETS5623

GSM wireless phone based on GSM 900MHz/ 1800MHz enabled mobile access device

Huawei ETS5623 GSM wireless phone based on GSM 900MHz/ 1800MHz -enabled mobile access device
This equipment UIM, only need to insert a SIM card, you can dial local telephone, domestic and international long distance, mobile and IP network telephone; Native support for Unicom’s 2G, mobile 2G/3G networks; The machine has received strong signal, call quality is good, stable performance and long working hours and other characteristics;

Basic functions
1) apply to GSM 900MHz/ 1800MHz public mobile communications network.
2) may call the local telephone, domestic long distance, international long-distance, mobile, IP Internet telephony.
3) to provide anti-polarity signal, with the meter, if used in public accounting.
4) standard bell stream / feed interface and a variety of switches can be adaptive.
5) can be set to the local area code, users dial a local call dial the area code when you do not have to.
6) Caller ID function.

a / receive, send text messages
b / support USIM / SIM card and phone book backup feature between the fixed station
c / 5 families members of the one-touch dial key, a “Happy Online” button
d/64 polyphonic ringtones
e / support for GSM 900MHz/ 1800MHz
f / support handle or hands-free calls
g / to support emergency call service
h / a standard TNC antenna interface can be connected to indoor antennas;
i / support to receive and send short message
j / support for 10 polyphonic ringing tone options 64
k / support five family members, one-touch dial key, a “Happy Online” button

Main function
1, GSM 900MHz/ 1800MHz
2, high-quality voice
3, hands-free calls
4, call records
5, emergency call
6, short message
7, phone book management
8,64, and Hyun ringing tone
9,5 a family member one-touch dial keys
10,1 a “Happy Online” button
11, the standard external antenna interface

Dimensions (W × D X H): 211.7mm x 167.3mm x65.9mm
Weight: 980k
Power Adapter: AC Output: 90V ~ 350V
DC Input: 12v 0.5A
Battery:  Rechargeable Battery
Display: 128X64 dot-matrix, 2.4-inch

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