CDMA2000 1x 450Mhz, High-quality voice calls, SMS, Phone book, Caller ID display

Network Type: CDMA2000 1x   450Mhz
High-quality voice calls with 8 kbps EVRC
SMS/Phone book/ Caller ID display
Indoor/outdoor antenna optional
Support R-UIM and ROM-SIM mode
Circuit data service: up to 9.6/14.4kbps
Packet data service: up to 153.6 kbps
Upport PC fax
Backup battery
Emergency calls
Support Caller ID display, Call Transfer, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting,Call Holding & Three-way Talking
Support DTMF & two-stage dialing
Volume adjustable
Interface: RS232 support
Dimensions:  215 mm x 170 mm x 68mm
Weight: < 1.0 kg

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