CDMA2000 1X 450MHz, High-quality voice services with 8 kbit/s EVRC, Emergency call

Network Type: CDMA2000 1X  450MHz.
High-quality voice services with 8 kbit/s EVRC.
Packet data services up to 153.6 kbps in both uplink and downlink.
Circuit data services up to 14.4 kbps.
Support PC fax services
Emergency call.
Multiple supplementary services: caller number identification presentation, call forwarding, call waiting, call hold and three-way calling.
Short message service (SMS).
Message group and phone book group.
Large-capacity phone book(500).
Intelligent text input (ZI) method.
Shortcut key function.
Dual tone multi-frequency (DTMF) secondary dialing.
R-UIM and ROM-SIM in one version.
Volume settings (including the volume of the handset, hand-free and ring-tone).
10 chord ring-tones for incoming calls.
Standard TNC antenna interfaces that can connect the indoor and outdoor antennas.
Provides alarm clocks, calendar, world time, Calculator, stopwatch, game and other applications.
Green backlight for LCD and red backlight for the keypad.
Supports subscription and parameter configuration through the settings menu.
Supports OTASP and OTAPA
Provides the frequency modulation (FM) radio (optional).

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