GSM Gateway Fixed Wireless Terminal (FWT)

GSM Gateway is a Fixed Wireless Terminal (FWT) that accepts a SIM card and allows you to make calls from your Phone System using a mobile network.

GSM Gateway is mobile phone device that is connected to your PABX Phone system which allows you to take advantage of better call rates that are available from Mobile Phone carriers resulting in cheaper phone bills for you.

GSM Gateways is FCT Fixed cellular terminals (premicells) and gsm gateways have traditionally been used for saving money on calls to mobile phone networks. The FCT / GSM gateway connects to a telephone system / PBX and uses a standard mobile phone SIM card to make calls directly over the mobile phone network.  The tariffs available from mobile phone companies make calling mobile phones on all networks very cost effective.

A more common application of GSM Gateway and Fixed cellular Terminals is to use them for Moile Extension applications. Most new phone systems have Mobile Extension (Mobex) capability built in, which means that the phone system will deliver incomming calls to the internal extension telephone, as well as making a call to the twinned mobile phone number, and deliver the call to whichever handset answers first.  However, becuase the phone system is making a call to the mobile phone it is using up an extra telephone line, and incuring call charges for the duration of the call.  by using a GSM gateway or Fixed Cellular Terminal, the PBX can route the mobile extension calls via the Mobile Phone Network, and by using a tariff that enable free calls between userson the same plan, the diverted part of the mobile extension call will be free, of course there will just be the small monthly rental charge for the extra SIM card.

GSM Gateway enables direct routing between IP, digital, analog and GSM networks. With these devices (fixed cellular terminals) companies can significantly reduce the money they spend on telephony, gp-especially the money they spend on calls from IP to GSM. The core idea behind cost saving with VoIP GSM Gateways is Least Cost Routing (LCR).

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