GSM Desktop Phone/ Fixed Wireless Phone

If your home or office telephone seems a bit dated and you find yourself using your mobile phone more and more, even though it often costs you more, because you like the functionality it gives you then there may be a compromise in the form of a GSM desktop phone/ fixed wireless phone.

Office telephones including the gsm desk phone implement all of the attributes of your mobile phone but in a desktop version that fully emulates a fixed phone.

For example, you can send and receive SMS messages as well as making and receiving normal voice calls using the handset, speaker or a Bluetooth earphone if you prefer to move around whilst you are talking.

The integrated address book allows you to quickly and easily find the phone numbers of the individuals and businesses you need to contact, so there isn’t any more waiting around whilst you find someone’s business card or website as you can store all of your contact details within your gsm desktop phone.

An illuminated display means you may also call someone in the dark, should you ever need to, and with a clear LCD screen you can easily read texts and navigate your way through the menu.

There are many situations in which a gsm desk phone would come in handy, especially in the business context when you need to find a large number of contact telephone numbers and would benefit from being able to send and receive text messages as well as making voice calls.

A GSM desktop phone/ fixed wireless phone would also make a very handy and simple to use home landline telephone as it has perfect sound quality, can be mounted on a wall as well as used on a table or desk and lets you take another step towards making your world wireless.

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