Round Robin Auto Dialer-TD145

Call multiple destination numbers one by one or one number constantly

Round robin auto dialer is to call multiple destination numbers one by one in the round robin way. After configuration, it can work automatically. It is for some special use.
Part I. Features:
1. Up to 32 groups of destination numbers could be stored into the dialer and the maximum length of each number is 16 digits. If only one group of destination number is configured, it will dial the number repeatedly; if multiple destination numbers have been programmed into the dialer, it would dial the numbers one by one in the round robin way.
2. The duration time of one call and the interval time between two calls are programmable.
3. The dialer could work 24 hour continuously. Even the callee hang up the call, the dialer would dial the next number and continue the loop.
4. The dialer could be connected to PSTN line, VoIP Gateway, FWT to make calls.

Part II. Connection:Plug the PSTN line into the LINE jack of the dialer and connect the telephone set to the TEL1 or TEL2 jack. Turn the switch to “ON” to program the dialer. After configuration, take out the PSTN line and turn the switch to “OFF”, and then plug in the PSTN line. The dialer would start to dial out stored number as soon as users pick up the handset.

Part III. Configuration: Please make sure that the switch is at “ON” position when programming. Pick up the phone and input the following commands on the telephone keypad step by step. There would be one beep sound after each step, means successful input. Do NOT hang up, just input the next step. If it is double beep sound, means wrong input and the programming fail.

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