SIM IP Dialer -TD106

Support call through and call back; No need to change users dialing habit

Name:  SIM IP Dialer-TD106
  Model No:  TD106 

This is the simpliest and easiest IP solution for cellphone,  “mobile phone IP dialer” (also called mobile phone auto dialer/mobile phone IP unlock sim card/ mobile phone IP dialer chip) is intented to simplify dialing method. Currently, both IP cards or direct-dial cards and call back cards require dialing continuously or dialing twice, as a result, users don’t like to apply IP services. However, mobile phone IP dialer let users dial directly from phone book once it is installed and reset. Mobile phone IP dialers, good tool for saving money and ideal products to attract more stable IP users , make users enjoy low payments for IP services without changing direct-dial method.

Advantages for mobile phone IP dialer:
This ip dialer works with GSM SIM card. Compatible more than 80% mobile phones in the market. Compatible with many mobile phones such as Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG, and so on.
Easy to be installed.
No need to punch the SIM card, just attach to the SIM card.
Could store 3 accesses numbers, and these 3 accesses are optional.
Could reroute uses call after programming the specified access number
Could set prefix go though or by pass the dialer

Support three working mode:
A. Call through before connection establish;
B. Call through wait for connection establish;
C. Call back

No need to change users conventional dialing habit:
A. Support dial from the Contacts and phone book, no need to memorize and input the numbers.
B. Support dial directly from mobile phone’s missed calls/ call record/ call history/ recent calls

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