Pickup auto dialer-TD101P

Send out pre-stored number automatically once the phone is pick up

Name:  Pickup auto dialer-TD101P 
  Model:  TD101P
  Packing:  gift box, 100pcs/carton
  Weight:  G.W.: 9.8kgs; N.W.:9.0kgs
  Dimension:  39*25*32.5cm

 Pickup auto dialer is for some special use. It can send out the pre-stored destination number automatically as soon as users pick up the phone.


1. The service telephone in banks, hospitals, supermarkets and so on. It should call to the correspondent service hotline as soon as the telephone is picked up.

2. The phones installed for elders, kids, patients etc. use, it should call to correspondent people when the telephone set is picked up.

3. It can help schools, 24hour convenience stores, drug stores and the places where the public security order is poor to call the police when the telephone is picked up.

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