Callback auto dialer-TD125

Working with callback calling card; extra power supply, very stable

Name:  Callback dialer-TD125 
  Model:  TD125
  Packing:  gift box, 100pcs/carton
  Weight:  G.W.: 10.00kg; N.W.:9.20kg
  Dimension:  39*25*32.5cm

 Callback auto dialer is a very good partner for callback calling card.

► Convenient: The callback auto dialer makes the process of making a callback call the same as call through direct PSTN line. Users do not need to change the dialing habit.
► Auto adding local code for local calls.
► Working with extra power supply, very stable.
► Great capacity:
TD125 can store up to 8 groups of 62-digit calling card numbers.
► Easy Programming:
Dialers can be programmed manually using the keypad of telephone set.
► Auto Reroute:
Local/long distance/IDD calls with certain prefix numbers can be rerouted to corresponding calling cards automatically.
► Auto local code adding: Users do not have to dial local code for local calls using callback card.
► Ending Code attachment:
The auto dialer can add end code # automatically after the destination number
► IVR and DTMF Tone Detection mode
IVR and DTMF tone can be detected in each step. It can assure the speed and stability of the connection.
► Adjustable Dialing Speed:
Users can adjust the dialing time, interval time and waiting time of each step to get the fast available speed.
► Ring and Dialing Tone Detect Function:
This function can avoid problems like sending out false number and disconnection when answering call.
► Temporary Bypass
It would bypass all the gateways set in the auto dialer and use traditional telecommunication service temporarily when add a # before a destination number.
► Large Activation/Bypass/Intercept/Block/Delete code:
It is useful for different requirements.
► System password:
Dialer can be set 4-digit system password for data lock.
► Remote Programming:
Dialers can be programmed remotely through PSTN line.

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