• SIM IP Dialer-TD106

    Support call through and call back; No need to change users dialing habit

  • Auto dialer-TD103

    Smart artful design; Call through; Line power, no need extra power supply

  • Auto dialer programmer-TDP110

    A very useful tool for bulk quantity of dialers programming

  • Round Robin Auto Dialer-TD145

    Call multiple destination numbers one by one or one number constantly

  • Auto dialer-TD105

    Stackable Design; store up to 8 groups of 62-digit calling card numbers

  • Auto dialer-TD101

    Line power, no need extra power supply; Both prepaid and postpaid calling cards

  • Pickup auto dialer-TD101P

    Send out pre-stored number automatically once the phone is pick up

  • Callback dialer-TD125

    Working with callback calling card; extra power supply, very stable

  • Auto dialer monitor-TDM160

    Users can see what numbers dialed out and hear the dialing process

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