CDMA2000 1x 450Mhz, CID(Caller Identification), High-quality voice effect, Support SMS

  • HUAWEI ETS2058

    CDMA2000 1X 450MHz, High-quality voice services with 8 kbit/s EVRC, Emergency call

  • HUAWEI ETS2008

    CDMA2000 1x 450Mhz, High-quality voice effect: 8 kbps EVRC, Support R-UIM or ROM-SIM

  • HUAWEI ETS2006

    CDMA2000 1x 450MHz, Support SMS, Support R-UIM and ROM-SIM, High-quality voice effect

  • HUAWEI ETS2000

    CDMA2000 1x 450Mhz, CID, High-quality voice effect, Emergency call available

  • Call Forwarder-TCF155

    Convert the FXS port of VoIP gateway into FXO; Convenient to use

  • Huawei HGB-15AA*3

    Huawei fixed wireless phone FWP battery 1500mAh; 100% original new high quality

  • Huawei HGB-2A10*3

    Huawei fixed wireless phone FWT battery 1000mAh; 100% original new high quality

  • Huawei HGB-40CX3

    Huawei fixed wireless terminal battery 4000mAh; 100% original new high quality

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