CDMA 800MHz, High quality voice calls, Emergency calls, High-speed data access

  • HUAWEI ETS2288

    CDMA 800Mhz, LCD display with status indicator, Strong signal, Support R-UIM or ROM-SIM

  • HUAWEI ETS2258

    CDMA 800MHz, Packet data services up to 153.6 kbps, Circuit data services up to 14.4 kbps

  • HUAWEI ETS2251

    CDMA2000 1x 800MHz, High-quality voice effect, Support SMS, Support R-UIM or ROM-SIM

  • ZTE WP921B+

    Do Not Disturb feature, Support ROMSIM or R-UIM, Support Emergency Dial

  • HUAWEI ETS1001

    CID(Caller Identification), Support PC fax/ G3 fax, Support R-UIM or ROM-SIM

  • HUAWEI ETS1000

    High-quality voice effect, High speed data transmission, SSI Signal Strength Indication

  • ZTE WP520B+

    Support for call forwarding, call waiting, Three-way calling, Mute, Do Not Disturb feature

  • HUAWEI ETS2077

    CDMA2000 1x 450Mhz, High-quality voice calls, SMS, Phone book, Caller ID display

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